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EMIT LLC formed in June of 2018. Our focus is on medical device innovation and technology.  The President/CEO, has created a novel innovative airway device (The Mechanical Coupler Filter Endotracheal Tube, or MCFET) that will help reduce infection, and cross-contamination in the airway-compromised population (intubated patients or patients with a supraglottic airway device being manually or mechanically ventilated)  among other great and necessary benefits.  This novel device will help manage patient airways more effectively, and hopefully reduce high cost associated with these very sick individuals; one example being hospital cost due to increased rates of infection, prolonging a patients stay and costing them anywhere from $200k-$500k+ (and that cost is for a 2-3 week stay!).  

The cross-contamination implementation will help reduce the spread of droplet/airborne contaminants such as COVID-19, and other communicable diseases, something that Mr. cantor thought of years ago!  This novel device should have been in the market years ago, and now more than ever is the best time to get it into the market! 




Meet the Team


Eric Cantor


Mr. Cantor has dedicated 13+ years to Emergency Medical Services.  His experiences include both fire departments and private EMS with clinical time in various areas of the hospital system (ED, OB, ICU, OR).  He currently works as a Paramedic in the Boston area.

Teaching is a passion Mr. Cantor holds as well.  He works with two Boston-area hospitals and a Training Center in RI as an instructor; teaching all the American Heart Association (AHA) disciplines and has taught EMS and Paramedic-level courses as well.  Mr. Cantor has a vision to deliver education in a way where students are always eager to learn, and he takes pride in learning from his students as well.  He holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a Master's Degree in Emergency Services Management.  Education and innovation are important to him, as he is also a part of the Order of the Sword & Shield National Honor Society and the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success.


Mr. Cantor knows that his current innovation on emergency airway devices will prevail and become the standard around the world.  Once established, he will continue to innovate and make every day medical technologies and equipment more efficient and user-friendly.


As an Entrepreneur & Mechanical Engineer with 26 years of experience in the medical device fields, Mr. Ettlinger developed numerous general & minimally invasive surgical, implantable, and drug delivery devices with applications in arthroscopy, orthopedics, spinal, cardiology, oncology, urology, laparoscopy, endoscopy, brachytherapy, wound treatment, cosmetic and cardiac surgery. The products he has developed for client companies earn them in excess of $240MM annually.

Mr. Ettlinger has worked with over 24 medical technology companies including Hewlett Packard(Philips), C.R. Bard (USCI, BARD Interventional, DAVOL, BARD Interventional), Byron Medical, Catheter Innovations, Boston Scientific, Innerdyne (TYCO/USSC), Hydrocision, J&J Mitek, Uromed, NDO Surgical, Mitralign, Smith & Nephew Dyonics and STD Manufacturing (STDMED, Primo Medical).

Mark Ettlinger

Consulting Engineer

Medical Advisory Board


Dr. Poptiz is a native to Boston, MA.  He is a graduate of Bowdoin College and attended Harvard and Columbia graduate schools, and later George Washington School of Medicine.  He completed his medical residency at VAMC, Boston, anesthesia residency at BWH, and completed a cardiothoracic fellowship at BWH, BIDMC, and NEDH.  Michael has been awarded various patents, and has many more pending; both domestic and international.  Dr. Poptiz has been a board member at several companies, and on the Planning Board with the Town of Marion.  He has worked as a fleet surgeon, and enjoys a daily dose of golfing and scuba diving.

Michael Popitz




Sush Prusty

ED Physician




Erik Johnson





Dr. Sush Prusty is the director of EMS at Steward St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center and assistant professor of emergency medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA.  He also serves as the medical director for Boston College EMS.  Dr. Prusty has contributed significantly to the pre-hospital management of patients through various EMS directorships, involvement in regional EMS committees, and extensive teaching of paramedics and EMTs.  He is the recipient of the Metro Boston EMS Council’s Educator of the Year Award.  For the past decade, Dr. Prusty has focused his efforts on 12 lead ECG interpretation, specifically pre-hospital recognition and management of ST elevation myocardial infarction.  He earned his medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine and completed his residency at Boston Medical Center.  He is board certified in Emergency Medicine and is currently an emergency department attending at Steward St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center.  In addition, he is an FAA flight instructor, holds a commercial pilot certificate, and, has over ten years of service in the U.S. Army as a flight surgeon.  Having a special interest in aviation safety, he has taught widely in the areas of crew resource management, human factors, and debriefing techniques. 


Mr. Johnson is a graduate of Trinity College with a BS in Biology.  He then went on to get his EMT and Paramedic certification from Northeastern University.  He has been a Nationally Registered Paramedic since 1991.  Erik's professional career consists of 25 years with American Medical Response and its predecessor companies serving as a front line 911 Paramedic, Field Supervisor, Operations Manager, and General Manager overseeing both municipal and private EMS contracts.  For the past 5 years he has worked for Fallon Ambulance which is a division of Transformative Healthcare as a Paramedic, Field Training Officer, and Shift Commander.  He resides in Bridgewater MA, and also has a love for golf and the outdoors.

After graduating from the Flinders University of South Australia Medical School,

Dr. Canterbury completed his residency training in Emergency Medicine at the Metrohealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio where he was also a Flight Physician with Metrohealth Life Flight, working in Critical Care Transport.  He has worked in emergency departments in Cleveland and Boston, comprising both academic and community medical centers, level 1 and level 2 trauma canters, and has been active in EMS.  In 2013, he was awarded the prestigious Metropolitan Boston EMS Council Physician of the Year.  He has spoken locally and nationally on his experiences responding to the Boston marathon bombing, and has been featured on TV and radio discussing heat and cold related illness.  He is board certified in both Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medical

Services through the American Board of Emergency Medicine.




Bryan Canterbury

ED Physician




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