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Partners and Collaborating Companies 

At Emergency Medical Innovation Technology, we believe in working with other companies and inventors who show proven performance and innovation.  We want to work with others who show our same passion for healthcare advancement, technology, and patient care.  If you want to join this select group of experts, those who are bound to advance each other's technologies as well as their own, please reach out to see if you qualify.


Dr. Schmitz is a board certified Pulmonary and Critical Care physician and the CEO of AIROD Medical, LLC. He has authored many articles including one about respiratory failure management during the COVID-19 pandemic. He travels all over the USA providing help to hospitals in underserved areas. He is the inventor of the AIROD®, a single-use telescopic intubation bougie, which was created to help with the success and speed of first-attempt intubations.

Evan D. Schmitz, MD 


More Companies/Inventors Currently In 

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